Friday, November 16, 2007

Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek

Women, and men who shop for gifts for women

The purpose of the Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek is to provide warmth with style to plus size women.

Pros: Cold weather makes me think of the color gray. I would never wear gray in the cold weather months just because I don’t think anybody could see me. I’d blend right into the background. :) I really love the Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek. The Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek is available in three colors -- cream, black, and what they call demitasse, a dark rich brown. There is no gray!

The Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek is as soft as a kitten, yet unbelievably warm. The outside of the jacket is quilted polyester. The inside is faux fur and there is a filling of down, so the jacket is pillow-soft.

The Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek boasts additional details like a neat zip front, a mock neck collar, and two handy front hand pockets.

Cons: does not ship internationally. It ships only within the United States and its territories. This is a bit limiting for those who shop for family and friends who live outside the United States. You would have to have the merchandise delivered to your home address and then ship it overseas yourself.

Guarantee: There is a 60-day guarantee of satisfaction offered by It is recommended that you insure the return package.

Value for money: The Aspen Jacket by X-treme Tek is a really beautiful jacket that will serve well. It is a good value.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ultimate Acne Relief from Acne Skin

Consumer: Acne sufferers

The purpose of the Ultimate Acne Relief ebook is to provide information and instruction for those who suffer with acne.

Pros: The Ultimate Acne Relief ebook is for teenagers (girls and boys) and for men and women of all ages who suffer from acne. Included with the purchase of the Ultimate Acne Relief ebook are four bonus ebooks that most people will find very helpful as well. The four bonus ebooks are; Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, 17 Hollywood Diets, 97 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit, and 225 Bath – Face – and Body Recipes.

The Ultimate Acne Relief ebook discusses such issues as acne and diet, acne and skin care products, acne and hygiene, and acne and shaving. The Ultimate Acne Relief ebook is written in layman’s terms rather than medical jargon so it is very easy to read, and it contains a great deal of helpful information for acne sufferers of all ages. The information is presented in a very easy-to-read manner.

Cons: The Ultimate Acne Relief is a very good ebook but there really isn’t any new information offered.

Guarantee: There is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction offered by Acne Skin Relief.

Value for money: The Ultimate Acne Relief ebook appears to be a very good value and with all of the added free bonuses, it becomes an excellent value.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rockport Fast Approach from

Consumer: Men

The purpose of the Rockport Fast Approach loafers is to provide comfortable but stylish casual footwear for men.

Pros: The Rockport Fast Approach loafers are so cool! They have the look of a moccasin, but they have the sole (soul) of a loafer. They are cool but they are also very practical casual footwear, and they are completely washable! Casual shoes are worn in casual settings like back yard barbeques and on camping trips, and because the settings are casual, "stuff" happens. Drinks get overturned, sandwiches drip, and casual shoes get stained and looking old before their time. The Rockport Fast Approach loafers can just be tossed right into the washing machine and come out looking as good as new. After they are air-dried, people will think you have a whole closet full of casual shoes at your disposal.

The Rockport Fast Approach loafers are true to size and true to width, and they provide excellent arch support.

Cons: Although the Rockport Fast Approach loafers are washable, they must be air-dried and cannot be put into a clothes dryer. Because of the material, drying will take quite some time.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the website reads in part, “If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to accept a return for a full refund.” Free return shipping is included. Additionally, there is a low-price guarantee as well as a safe shopping guarantee.

Value for money: The Rockport Fast Approach is a quality product and an excellent value.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rabbit Moc by Barbo from

Consumer: Women

The purpose of the Rabbit Moc by Barbo is to provide women with cozy comfort for their feet on cold winter evenings.

Pros: The lovely Rabbit Moc by Barbo is a must-have shoe for every woman who hates cold feet, especially her own cold feet. The Rabbit Moc by Barbo is constructed of soft suede leather with fleecy pile lining. Just thinking about the softness and warmth makes my feet feel warmer.

The Rabbit Moc by Barbo have a silky rabbit fur collar that adds so much style! The outer sole is made of suede leather that will simply last and last. The Rabbit Moc by Barbo is available in three beautiful colors, black, red, and sailor (blue). They come only in whole sizes, but they are true sizes. If you usually wear a half size, simply order the next larger size. Slippers with a little wiggle room are certainly more comfortable.

The color of the rabbit fur collar on the Rabbit Moc by Barbo varies because it is all natural. The colors are mostly gray and white, but there might be a little brown or tan as well.

Cons: There really aren’t any particular cons associated with the Rabbit Moc by Barbo, except that the fur is real rabbit fur and there are those who do object to the use of animal fur.

Guarantee: There is a guarantee of satisfaction. The guarantee posted on the website reads in part, “Naturally we want you to be totally pleased with every product you purchase from us, so if it becomes necessary to return it for a refund or exchange, we want you to be just as pleased with that process as well.” There are two methods for returns offered. Find more info at:

Value for money: The Rabbit Moc by Barbo is a very good value and will keep the feet of a lady toasty warm on a cold winter night.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons" from

"Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons" from - Consumer: Women

The purpose of the Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons is to provide women with a casual shoe that is easy to wear and comfortable for casual settings.

Pros: The Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons are so cute and so comfortable that you are going to want a pair in each of the four colors in which they are available, so that you will have a pair to match every summer outfit. The Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons come in cool colors -- pink/white, white/light blue, navy/lime, and black/lime.

The Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons are so comfortable that you will feel less stress and be able to keep going and going and going. The Easy Spirit Fitness Air system lets air circulate within the shoe and that keeps your feet feeling cool and dry. The soles are made of a non-slip material that will keep you sure-footed. The lightweight construction makes the Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons suitable for some light athletic activities, as well.

Cons: The only problem that I can see with the Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons is that I want a pair in every color!

Guarantee: The guarantee on the FootSmart website reads in part: “Everything you buy from us is backed by our 120 Day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 120 days for any reason and your product total will be refunded (unfortunately we cannot refund shipping and order processing fees).  Please remember, though, that footwear products, such as shoes, must be returned in their original, unworn condition, and in their original boxes.”

Value for money: The Easy Spirit Womens Instep Slip Ons are an excellent value for fashion-conscious women.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals from

Consumer: Women

The purpose of the Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals is to provide comfortable, cool, casual footwear for active women.

Pros: The Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals are a blend of running shoes and sandals that works. The easy comfort of a good running shoe is combined with the openness of a sandal to provide the ultimate in cool and "way cool" comfort and versatility. The Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals is easily taken off and put on with the oh-so-neat pull closure.

The upper parts of the Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals are constructed of soft, flexible nubuck while the sole is that of a good running shoe, making them both cool as well as easy on the feet, legs, back, and hips. What more could you ask for? The shoes have the very open look of a sandal, but the toe is closed for maximum protection for the very active woman. This will be a long-wearing shoe that you will love!

Cons: The only con that I can find associated with the Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals is that they come in only one width, medium or B.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the FootSmart website reads in part: “Everything you buy from us is backed by our 120 Day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 120 days for any reason and your product total will be refunded (unfortunately we cannot refund shipping and order processing fees).  Please remember, though, that footwear products, such as shoes, must be returned in their original, unworn condition, and in their original boxes.”

Value for money: The Clarks Privo Joyner Womens Sandals are a very good value for active women.


Blink Sylva from

Consumer: Women

The purpose of the Blink Sylva is to provide women with a casual shoe that will be appropriate for many casual social gatherings and be comfortable to wear.

Pros: The Blink Sylva is so cool and just so darn cute! It has a definite nautical look that you will just love. The Blink Sylva is a little crocheted skimmer that will add so much versatility to your shoe wardrobe.

The Blink Sylva features a crocheted fabric upper with a woven raffia trim around the mid-sole. The woven raffia trim is a natural color and compliments the woven upper no matter whether you choose the chili red, the black, or the white. The outer sole is made of rubber which adds some stability. There is only very light padding in the foot bed, which means that the shoe is very lightweight.

You will really love the versatility that this little crocheted skimmer allows you. The Blink Sylva is a must-have addition to the shoe wardrobe of every discerning woman.

Cons: The Blink Sylva is available only in medium width and in only three sizes. The sizes run very small. You will need to order a full size larger than you normally wear.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the website reads in part, “If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to accept a return for a full refund.” Free return shipping is included. Additionally, there is a low-price guarantee as well as a safe shopping guarantee.

Value for money: The Blink Sylva is a very good value in a casual shoe.


Friday, June 01, 2007

NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper from Workout

NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper from Workout - Consumer: Those who are trying to get into good physical condition or those who are dieting and looking for a way to achieve the exercise they need at home.

The purpose of the NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper is to provide exercise for toning and shaping buns, thighs and calves, as well as, a cardio-vascular workout.

Pros: The NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper provides the best workout for buns, thighs and calves ever! The four built in workout programs are just great. The built in fans (Coolaire) are a big help as are the cardio grip pulse sensors.

The payment program makes it possible for almost anybody to be able to own a NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper because the payments are only $25.00 per month.

Work Out Warehouse is a very easy company to deal with.

Cons: There are no cons associated with the NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper. It is an excellent product except that the shipping charges do seem a bit excessive.

Guarantee: Work Out Warehouse offers a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping both ways. The price of the equipment plus the tax will be refunded after the customer gets a return authorization from the Work Out Warehouse and the equipment has been returned. Most of the equipment sold by Work Out Ware House carries a manufacturer's guarantee that is at least 90 days and most are longer.

Value for money: The NordicTrack MTN 740 Stepper is an excellent value for the dollar especially at the sale price of $599.00.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier from Work Out

Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier from Work Out - Consumer: Those concerned with getting in good physical shape, those who are concerned with cardio-vascular strength and health and dieters who are seeking intense physical exercise for weight control.

The purpose of the Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier is to provide a total body workout and burn calories at an extremely increased rate.

Pros: The Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier simulates snow skiing without the cold or the need for warm clothing. It provides a total body workout while shaping the legs, hips, thighs and buttocks as well as the upper-body muscles. The Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier provides an excellent cardio-vascular workout.

The adjustable flywheel allows for seven resistance levels as strength increases, as well.

Cons: There are no particular cons associated with the Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier. I do find the $99.00 shipping charge a bit high - but then again, it is a large product.

Guarantee: Work Out Warehouse offers a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping both ways. The price of the equipment plus the tax will be refunded after the customer gets a return authorization from the Work Out Warehouse and the equipment has been returned. Most of the equipment sold by Work Out Ware House carries a manufacturer's guarantee that is at least 90 days and most are longer.

Value for money: The Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier is an excellent value for those concerned with physical and cardio-vascular strength. The sale price of the Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier makes it an exceptional value.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Zone Weight Loss Diet from Zone

The purpose of The Zone Weight Loss Diet is to help dieters lose weight according to their own specific requirements.

Pros: Dr. Sears designed all of the various Zone diets. He says about weight loss, “To achieve long term weight loss, you must reduce inflammation in your cells. To do this, you need not deprive yourself. On the Zone diet all you have to do is eat the right combination if food, nourish your body with the Omega-3 fatty acids it needs and exercise moderately. The result? Burn fat faster, lose excess weight, boost your energy, keep hunger at bay and even help reduce the risk of chronic disorders.”

Many very famous people have had great success using The Zone diet. Among them are Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore and Winona Ryder.

Diet products are recommended for various diet goals. These products can be ordered on the Zone Diet website at a reasonable cost and there is also a lot of support offered on the website that is helpful to dieters.

Cons: The Zone Weight Loss Diet is either loved or hated. There has been some controversy surrounding it.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee of success offered on The Zone Weight Loss Diet website.

Value for money: The Zone Weight Loss Diet is a very good value.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

South Beach Diet Membership

The purpose of the South Beach Diet is to help people lose weight in a healthy manner.

Pros: America as a whole is getting heavier and heavier. There is a myth that says fat people are happy….”fat and jolly”, “fat and happy”, etc. I’m not saying that those who are overweight are not happy at all but I am saying that they are not happy about being overweight or just plain FAT. Most people who are overweight have tried most every diet plan under the sun at one time or another and they haven’t found one yet that actually worked.

The South Beach Diet Membership is a way that those who are overweight can get the expert dieting advice that they need as well as a dieting plan that they can live with for the long term. There are no foods that are just off limits forever and ever. The diet is a well balanced eating plan that includes foods from all of the food groups so dieters are better able to stay satisfied and better able to stick to the plan to achieve the results that they desire.

Cons: The South Beach Diet does not really provide a balanced diet. Adhering to it for the long term will be difficult.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered for the South Beach Diet Membership and none would apply.

Value for money: The South Beach Diet Membership is an excellent value.

Bob Greenes Best Life Diet

The purpose of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is to help people lose weight as well as to get into good physical condition overall.

Pros: Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet plan is much more than just another diet plan. Included with the diet are cardio workouts and strength training instructions. Oprah Winfrey, speaking about Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet said, “Every unwanted pound creates another layer of lies. It’s only when you peel back those layers that you will be set free: Free to work out, free to eat responsibly, free to live the life you want and deserve to live. Tell the truth and you’ll learn to eat to satisfy your physical hunger and stop burying your hopes and dreams beneath layers of fat”

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is actually a life plan rather than a diet and it is a life plan that is full of the promise of a good, healthy and long life if the plan is adopted and adhered to.

Cons: No diet should ever be undertaken without a doctor's consent. All weight problems are not caused by overeating.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee of success and none would apply.

Value for money: Since the total price could not be determined, the value of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet cannot be determined.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BioFreeze fom

Consumer: Back Pain Sufferers or Joint Pain Sufferers

The purpose of BioFreeze is to temporarily relieve pain

Pros: I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Biofreeze. It actually works to relieve back pain as well as joint pain. BioFreeze was created by created by Dr. Danné King.

BioFreeze contains an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub called Ilex. Ilex is used around the world in a variety of health, wellness and pain relief formulas. There are no waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum in Biofreeze. It absorbs quickly into the body and provides very long-lasting pain relief. There is no lingering medicinal odor.

It is safe to use BioFreeze up to four times everyday but when BioFreeze is rubbed onto the aching places any wrap that is used should be very porous.

You will see Biofreeze used often in doctor’s offices and at treatment and testing facilities. Biofreeze is a fast-acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain reliever.

Cons: There appears to be very little risk in trying BioFreeze. The product can be used not just on the back, but almost anywhere - even the feet.

Guarantee: There is a 30 day money back guarantee for unopened products. The company must be contacted before returns are sent.

Value for money: BioFreeze is an excellent value at any price because it actually works.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Acne Free Clear Skin System

The purpose of Acne Free Clear Skin System is to clear the skin during an acne outbreak and help to prevent future outbreaks.

Pros: Those who suffer with acne are well aware of the fact that just because an acne breakup clears up (eventually) that doesn’t mean that the acne is really gone. Treatment for skin that is acne prone is an ongoing procedure.

Of course, the main objective when an acne outbreak does occur is to clear it up as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The Acne Free Clear Skin System is a three-step system that is designed to clear up an acne outbreak and then, with regular treatment, prevent future outbreaks.

The three steps in the Acne Free Clear Skin System are; (1) Cleaning and purifying the skin, (2) Applying a renewing toner and (3) applying a repair lotion. The treatment instructions say that this complete three-step program needs to be every day and twice a day to help clear acne outbreaks as well as prevent future outbreaks.

Cons: This product, while an excellent value, may not be suitable for severe cases of acne. Because it is designed to help prevent breakouts, people with scarring or severe acne should not expect miracles.

Guarantee: There is a very generous guarantee policy that reads in part: “All items purchased through have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason you may return the product for a full refund (even if you have tried the product).”

Value for money: The Acne Free Clear Skin System is an excellent value.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Effects of Laser Hair Removal on the Skin

We have always heard about laser hair removal treatment as an effective method in removing unwanted hair. The benefits of this hair removal procedure have been widely spread. And many people have been curious about it - and may have thought of trying it, to remove their unwanted hair found in specific parts of their body.
Learning the effects of laser hair removal on the skin is also as important as knowing the benefits of the laser hair removal process. It is necessary to find out the effects of laser hair removal on the skin before undergoing any laser hair removal procedures.
One of the effects of laser hair removal on the skin is the hyper-pigmentation. The increase of pigment deposits results in the darkening of the skin. Tanned or dark skin is usually more prone to develop hyper-pigmentation. However, this effect is just temporary and this can be immediately treated with bleaching agents.
Opposite to hyper-pigmentation, the lightening of the skin or hypo pigmentation is another result of laser hair removal on the skin. This is most common in darker skin type because of higher exposures to laser treatment. Occurrence of hypo-pigmentation is also temporary.
Continuous laser exposure would also result in the reddening of the skin wherein its duration depends on the degree and depth of the dermal wound. This complication has been reduced because of effective cooling devices and use of proper exposure time during the procedure.
Effects of laser hair removal on the skin include blistering. This is also caused by higher exposure of laser in a darker skin type. To protect and avoid blistering, tissue cooling should be done through a contact chill tip. This usual effect has already been controlled with new and efficient cooling devices that are now widely available.
A repeated over treatment with laser hair removal would result to crusting of the skin. The use of alexandrite and long-pulsed ruby lasers commonly result to this. Yet, laser hair removal is normally a safe procedure in taking out unwanted hair. It is important though that a person must be aware of the effects of this treatment on our skin - and especially on our health. These effects of laser hair removal on the skin are rare.
Having proper information and knowledge on these effects before undergoing treatment will greatly help in knowing the risks involved – and possibly reducing them. Patients must choose a well-versed physician who will use a laser machine that is best for their case - and will guide them every step of the way.

See also this Video about the Dangers of Laser hair removal...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Laser Hair Removal: Competing for better laser hair removal costs

Laser Hair Removal: Competing for better laser hair removal costs

With laser technology aiding laser treatments these days, more and more people have availed of such therapy.  This is also, why many clinics or beauty salons have competed for these clients.  Because, laser technology uses the same technique, the clinics or salons must have an edge for clients to extend or offer their patronage to them; and to do so, they have to better with their practitioners and price ranges.  Of course, if clients were to choose between two clinics that have the same technology being used but the other one has a better doctor or surgeon with a lesser cost, then they'd surely go for it.

Let's take laser hair removal for an example, as this the most common laser removal done these days.  You have to consider the doctor's fee, the miscellaneous cost, and other treatment charges.  Indeed, before you decide to go for this therapy, make sure that you have also considered the laser hair removal cost.  Right now, the average laser hair removal cost is around $430, but this is just for the doctor's fee.  You still have to think of the miscellaneous expenses, the price range usually differ depending on the location --- whether it is an urban, suburban, or rural area.  Also, another important thing in laser hair removal costs is the area where the hair removal is to be done.  Lastly, remember that the prices are usually indicated in a per treatment basis --- the more sessions you need, the higher the laser hair removal cost.

Currently, the laser hair removal cost ranges from $250 to around $900 per treatment.  If we'll break it down per area, the cheapest would be the underarm areas ranging between $250-$350, followed by the chest, arm, and bikini areas ranging between $350-$600, and then the back, legs, face, and neck ranging from $600-$900.

Truly, laser hair removal costs are not quite cheap.  If you are really going for it, and you believe that it will make you feel and look good, then why not --- as long as you are willing to spend around $2,000-$5,000 for it.  Just make sure that if you go for it, you have to be ready physically, mentally, and financially, or else you will not find the satisfaction and fulfillment it should have given you once it is done.  Remember, it is you who will face the laser hair removal cost, therapy, treatment, and recovery, so you must be the one to decide for it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dental Teeth Bleaching - An Effective but Expensive Teeth Whitening Solution

Getting a professional help or asking for a professional advice is always a positive thing to do. If you don't want to go wrong or commit a mistake or misinterpret something, then be enlightened through the different experts, skilled professionals, masters, etc. of the various fields. When you want to be sure, do not assume, just ask --- but make sure that you know where to ask or from whom to seek help. Like the basic rule of thumb, when you aren't sure or you are in a dilemma, ask the higher authorities. They may not be able to completely or fully answer you but they can give you an idea to work on.

It's the same thing with your teeth, who's the best person or authority to ask about teeth problems, concerns, and issues --- the dentist. So, whatever teeth dilemma you have, consult a dentist first, and ask advice. Like one of the common and popular teeth concern today --- the discoloration and staining of teeth. If you are facing the same problem, what have you done or what did you do? Did you just decide to leave your teeth color like that or have you just bought whitening toothpastes hoping that it will somehow help? Of course, there's no huge dilemma or case in this one because teeth discoloration will not do any harm to one's body and doesn't need immediate medical or dental help. However, without beautiful white teeth, your appeal and beauty would decline a notch or two because you wouldn't have looked that beguiling anymore. It's not something that you would want to experience, right? So, face it, you want to do something about your teeth color. If you aren't comfortable yet about this treatment, try researching this via the internet or through your friends or visit your dentist. Maybe what's troubling you is the dental teeth bleaching cost that's too high, well, you don't have to worry, don't undergo that treatment yet, the first thing you want to do is just ask and gather information. Try to weigh all the pros and cons of having dental teeth bleaching or at-home whitening solutions. Get to know what this dental teeth bleaching is about --- what's it's advantages and disadvantages; the same thing with at home teeth bleaching --- what makes it popular and reasonable among other patients. You have to get details and facts before embarking on this. Once you've collected everything you need, try to compare and measure these ideas to your teeth, your budget, your time, your plans, etc. Once you decide on which is better for you --- dental teeth bleaching or at-home teeth whitening --- then, you start working on that. Do not let others decide for you, it's your teeth, it's your life, and it's your time, so you are the only one who can adjust and understand what is more important and what you need.

Know that what may be good for some people, may not really be beneficial to you. Dental teeth bleaching may score high in other people's charts, and at-home teeth whitening may do well in some people's lifestyles, but how about you? Learn to control and manage yours.

Another Question is:

Can Teeth whitening be done with toothpaste?

Watch this video to find out more:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Endurance Mountain Biking: Things to Know

Endurance Mountain Biking: Things to Know...
Apart from it being an option of outdoor fun and relaxation, mountain biking is a sport more and more people are turning to. In fact, many of its enthusiasts are practically from all walks of life; the young and old, men and women alike. There are actually a lot of activities and competitions that involve mountain biking and that involve endurance mountain biking.

Endurance mountain biking is a kind of competition that entails stamina and endurance as this kind of mountain biking competition takes to almost twelve hours, depending on certain categories that apply. Furthermore, because endurance mountain climbing needs a lot of energy, this is just intended for those professional mountain bikers and the likes. So how does endurance mountain biking go?

Basically, there are three known categories for an endurance mountain biking; the 12-hour race, the 6-hour race, and the 3-hour race. The 12-hour events can be of solo male, solo female, the solo singlespeed (one man or woman rider), duo (two riders either man or woman), woman team (all women, two-four riders), and an open team (a combination of both men and women, two-four riders). A solo man, a solo woman, or a duo can only join the 6-hour events while the 3-hour events are strictly for solo man and solo woman.

For the endurance mountain biking, the bikers are required to register to the proper organizers, along with some physical exams for some. More over, they are expected to provide themselves with the necessary standard equipments, i.e. helmets, gloves, and kneecaps. Proper mountain biking attire is also required in an endurance mountain biking competition, which includes a fully enclosed pair of shoes and the prescribed t-shirt. Safety is very essential with this kind of race that’s why the biker should be responsible in keeping their bikes in perfect condition including the tires, the brakes, and the handlebars. Kickstands as well as reflectors are strictly prohibited from the competition, as well as adjusted hubs, headsets, sound frames, and true wheels. Likewise, bikers are not allowed to bring personal sound devices like a Walkman and headphones.

If you need to learn more about endurance mountain biking, your local mountain biking organization and clubs are available to answer to your inquiries. There are actually a lot of things to learn about endurance mountain biking, starting from its basic rules, to its public access, schedules, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, visit Internet sites of mountain biking organizations. Who knows, you might one day be encouraged to join an endurance mountain biking team.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

South Beach Diet: The Meal Structure

I am testing right now the South Beach Diet. The meal structure is pretty simple: the standard three meals a day is recommended with snacks in between. This is an important note to remember for those still in their first two weeks on the South Beach Diet. Beyond that, there is almost no structure to follow.

The South Beach Diet does not cover measuring or weighing of foods. Neither does it require you to count carbs. As long as you keep to the rule of avoiding high GI carbs, then you should be okay.

There are lists of foods to include and to exclude and lists to avoid and to enjoy. But a lot is typically left to the individual in choosing what you want to eat within those lists.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Get Fit With Radial Arm Saws

To cut many different types of lumber the radial arm saw is the perfect tool - even to get fit. The radial arm saw is a tool that can be used in wood working. There are instances where this saw has been used to cut into metals as well as the normal wood. While this saw arm has the power to be used for these types of materials there is a known problem that needs to be addressed before any more is detailed about the radial arm saw.

Since this arm saw contains a lot of raw power it can be dangerous in the hands of inexperienced saw operators but very useful for a Fitness Training!

If you don’t have any experience with working out with this type of saw you should state your wood working needs to a professional and they will be able to use the radial arm saw to cut the wood or other materials that you require lengthwise to the amount that you need.

The radial arm saw was primarily designed for the task of cutting lengths of wood. Additionally the arm saw has the ability to cross cut various lengths of wood as well. Unlike the other types of saws the radial arm saw is able to accomplish these tasks with more ease.

You will find different types of radial arm saws that you can use. Today many of these arm saws are being replaced by miter saws in cutting cross-cuts and miter cuts. The other type of cuts that you can find from a radial arm saw is that of complex miter cuts as well.

The experienced wood worker will however be able to make these cuts and shape the lumber into doors, picture frames and many other items. Besides being used for these shaping of wood the radial arm saw can be used to rip through stock. To cut through stock the wood stays in one place. The blade however is pulled through the wood to create the rip cut through the stock.

As with so many different tools and fitness training equipment you will need to take some care during operations with a saw. You will not regret the use of this wood working tool in your fitness training.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Barbados Surf Holiday

This is Wellness at its best: visitors to Barbados can have as many holiday activities as they want to spend with.

From discovering the rugged terrain in the periphery to flying high aboard a helicopter enjoying the panoramic view of the island are just but few of the many activities that visitors have to contend themselves with. Barbados surf holiday is yet another tough nevertheless exciting leisure sport that is available in any of the beach resorts in the island.

The tides and the waves in this little island-nation is just perfect for visitors to take and find out for themselves how different Barbados surf holiday can get. Riding the waves that are as clear as the diamond sprinkled all over and like pieces of broken mirror that sparkles every single moment the light strikes. One can never feel tired while having Barbados surf holiday because the satisfaction that any adventure-hungry soul is too much to bear and the feeling is just indescribable that no one will ever think to take a rest even just for a while. Every Barbados surf holiday is filled with so much anticipation and challenge, perfect ingredients of an activity for those who love spontaneity and surprises.

The best part in Barbados where the best waves are at its most challenging is the popular Soup Bowl, located in the east coast portion of the island. International surfing tourneys are mostly held in here, where surfing aficionados or just plain fan of the sport converge and take part the fun and enjoy the lively atmosphere spread all around.

For the beginners, the western and the southern portion of the island where the waves are just the moderate types might just be the perfect place to start a grand Barbados surf holiday. Excellent resort accommodations are just stones throw away from the surfing area, so like after a nice surf activity, a glass of cold drink, dry towel, and outdoor chaise lounge is waiting to rest those stretched muscles. That is how relaxing and wonderful life in Barbados can be.

The guests can choose from Allamada Beach Hotel, amaryllis Beach Resort, Atlantis Hotel, New Edgewater Hotel, Sandy Bay Beach Club, Sea-U Guest House, Surf Barbados: Cottages at Bathseba, and Zed Surfing Adventures: Beach Apartments. All these resorts and hotels are always making sure to pamper their guests with all the amenities they can ever provide.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Boxing Memorabilia

Are you fond of keepsakes that you tirelessly collect them every after activity that you deemed ahs a special meaning for you. These mementos could be anything that can catch your fancy and you’re sure that will always bring back those old good memories. Whether they bring a tear or smile souvenirs are always worth keeping.

Boxing fans and aficionados are not to be outdone when it comes to collecting what-have-yous because they too must have already accumulated plenteous boxing memorabilia. Fanatics of the sport of boxing and die-hard followers of some of the finest boxers to ever grace the boxing rings and shared the spotlight with countless others, have undeniably collected boxing memorabilia. Even the tiniest torn ticket or the old worn out shirt are surely kept as part of their boxing memorabilia.

Champion boxers too have their own share of keeping boxing memorabilia. From the moment they had their first fight up to the very end that they finally hung their boxing gloves and put aside their boxing boots, boxing memorabilia will always be part of their career in boxing. These are little reminders of the both pleasant and not so pleasant memories of their life as boxer. Whatever it is they are priceless gifts from their experience that no other person can give.

You can just imagine how many mementos the Great Muhammad Ali must have kept in all the years he had spent in boxing. Perhaps all those things must be worth something these days because they can already be considered as vintage items that will make them all the more priceless staple for the boxing enthusiasts. As they say the older the better and the higher the price will be.

Perhaps other boxers of the younger generation like the Golden Boy of boxing, Oscar De la Hoya must have has his own collection of souvenirs items that must have dated back from his amateur years. Now that he is back in the limelight of the boxing world he definitely would have something new to add his ever growing collection.

With the growing commercialization of boxing, there are now available boxing mementos that are sold online. Sports Memorabilia, an online store is selling hot items like boxing gloves that bear the signature of well-known champion boxer. Other items include photos, posters, mugs, and shirts.

Fans can actually purchase a glove that has the signature of Joe “the smokin” Frazier or a close-up photograph of Muhammad Ali with his autograph. These boxing stuffs cost from $350 - $1,000 or even higher. Of course there are more affordable items from the less prominent names.
If you have your own collection of vintage souvenir items chances are you are keeping the things that must have already cost like a fortune.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Experience the benefits of swimming...

Swimming has always been a good source of bonding moments with family and friends. But is that what swimming is all about, just for fun? What you may not know is that even if you only go swimming because you enjoy it or because you want to have a good time with your colleagues and relatives, you are actually gaining several benefits of swimming that you don’t usually get from other forms of exercise. Even without realizing it, you are reaping some good things from swimming.

It is a great relaxing and healthy activity --- and in fact, there are people who do this as a form of exercise, others do this for stress buster, some do this for therapeutic reasons, and most people do this for pleasure and enjoyment. Whatever the reasons may be, one thing for sure is true to all, swimmers get so many benefits from swimming.

Some of the countless benefits of swimming are: (1) shaping your body – providing a fitter and toner set of muscles, (2) serving a cardiovascular workout – keeps a healthy heart and lungs (3) strengthening pregnant women’s abdominal and shoulder areas – reduces the stress and stiffness because of carrying a baby, (4) healing of bone and muscles injuries – therapeutic remedy (5) less stressing – lower risk of injuries due to buoyancy, and allows more oxygen to flow for breathing regulation (5) improving blood circulation and blood pressure – keeps a good and balanced blood flow throughout the body, and (6) relaxing the mind – psychologically allows a refreshed mindset. There are still so many things that swimmers gain from doing regular swimming exercises, and they’ll not realize it but swimming has actually soothed their mind and body.

People who go and dip in the waters will actually enjoy several benefits of swimming --- physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Physically, it gives a whole body conditioning, without giving any painful aftereffects of the exercises like strained muscles or overworked bones and joints or injuries. Psychologically, it gives the mind some moments of peace and calmness by just concentrating on the water and the strokes. Emotionally, it allows you to vent your anger, stress, or frustration by shouting underwater or punching and kicking the water, thus not hurting anyone. Socially, it serves as bonding times with family and friends or a time to meet new people.

It is indeed a fact that the benefits of swimming are innumerable and real, it depends on the person if he takes the chance to enjoy and experience these benefits.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Power through People

Have you come across a naturally friendly person? Put him in a room of strangers and he will be a friend to almost everyone in no time!

We call such individual a people-person. He is unbelievably nice and charismatic that he can charm anyone into doing anything.

A socially empowered person achieves greatness because of the people who catapult him to success. He earns the trust and all-out support of people whom he had helped before. He can do anything with the plethora of people behind him. All because he knows how to maximize his social potential!

If you develop social skills, you will achieve self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is similar to doing a general overhaul in your life. This will turn your self into a happier and more successful person. If you can be one of those persons, then there wouldn’t be any reason why you will not succeed. You just have to know how to start. Here are some steps:

1. Be genuine.
Be genuinely nice and interested in people. Hypocrisy will just bring you down. Once they perceive that you are Mr. Hypocrite with selfish intentions, you might as well say goodbye to self-empowerment.

2. Be the greatest listener that you can be.
To earn the love and trust of other people, you must listen to their problems and sympathize with them. Do not just hear them out. Listen to them with your heart. Make eye contact when the person talks to you. Listen as if every word matters for it does. You earn brownie points when they find out that there is a confidante in you.

3. Laugh aloud.
You need not force yourself to laugh at every joke cracked by someone. This means finding humor in things and not being too darn serious. A person oozing with an awesome sense of humor attracts crowds and eventually, attracts success.

4. Don't forget yourself.
While fluttering around like a social butterfly, you might forget yourself and eventually allow everyone to always push you around. Remember to love and value yourself before anyone else. If you deem yourself respectable and worthy of affection, people will flock to you and not treat you like a doormat.

5. Do random acts of kindness.
You don't have to be a John Rockefeller and blow your savings to charity. Little acts of kindness matters most and this can be as simple as giving someone a surprise “take care” card or helping an elderly cross the street. When we were in kindergarten, kindness was taught to us. Now is the time to revive the act of doing good deeds and this time, let these acts stay for good.

6. Contact your old friends.
It is sad how some friendships simply wither and end but thanks to technology, you can do something about it. Relive the good old days by flipping your yearbook. Find great people whom you want to communicate with again. Adding these old friends to your roster of support peers will surely make you feel good all over.

7. Develop your personality.
Are you grouchy, grumpy, and generally morose? Whoa! You can't go through life with those. Get rid of the bad traits and habits that perpetually hamper your growth. Really, who wants a grouchy friend anyway?

8. Be confident.
Be able to stride to the other corner of the room and introduce yourself to people with that winning smile of yours. Just remember: be confident. Exude confidence, not arrogance.

9. Practice control.
When you feel angry, don't snap at anyone. Never throw a tantrum. Stay calm and collected. Be adult enough to take control of the situation and transform your anger into something more productive and positive.

10. Nurture your relationships.
Relationships with your family, friends, and significant others are too precious to be neglected whatever happens. Go out and have fun with them. Do things together. Happiness will never fly from your side as long as the people who matter most are close to you.

In the end, using people for self-empowerment means becoming a better and more lovable person. Focus on creating win-win situations to achieve self-empowerment!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lets presume those girls are fit...

You are going to like this video.

Let us presume the girls are FIT:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Visualization as a Key to Happiness

Visualization is an essential tool used by millions of successful businessmen and professionals all over the world to help them achieve their goals. Visualization however cannot only bring success to your business but happiness to your life, as well.

Learn How to Visualize Your Happiness
Using visualization to help you gain happiness is a gradual process, so don’t expect to learn it overnight. Be patient and don’t skip to the next step if you haven’t mastered the previous one.

What is Happiness to You?
Ask yourself this question first and be honest with your answer. What is happiness to you? Material and external happiness is easy to achieve once you’ve developed a plan, but you might realize later on these things don’t make you truly happy.

Happiness comes from within. Genuine happiness is born from intrinsic goals, and it’s important that you determine those first before trying to visualize your future happiness.

What is the Perfect Symbol or Image for Your Happiness?
Now that you know what your goals are, it’s time to choose the best image or symbol to reflect these goals.

What – What are those goals? What type of event, situation, or scene would best reflect those goals?

Who – Determine the persons integral to the completion of your goals; if these people aren’t present, your goals wouldn’t mean as much to you.

Where – It doesn’t have to be any place exotic or extravagant, but something that will mean a lot to you and tell you in an instant that your dreams have come true.

When – Your goals must be time-bound. Ask yourself for the ideal time to complete your goals.

Once you’ve determined all those key elements, the next thing to do is to put all those elements together into one image or symbol. Make this as detailed as possible until it resembles a vivid Technicolor scene. Commit the scene to memory. Memorize each and every pixel until you can call the image to mind with effortless ease.

Determining the How
Visualizing your happiness is like going on a race. The previous step required you to imagine what it would look like to get to the finish line. This time, you need to determine what you’ll do DURING the race in order to get to the finish line. Don’t let present limitations confine your imagination. Determine what you have to do to accomplish your goals and commit them to memory as well.

It’s Time for Self-Affirmations
You now have all the required elements for this visualization exercise to work. The last thing to do is making yourself believe that it can and will happen for you.

Every time you wake up and before you go to sleep, visualize the perfect scene reflecting your goals. Then tell yourself with utmost confidence that you have all what it takes to do it. You can face yourself in the mirror if it helps.

When you do this regularly, your brain will get used to what it’s hearing from you until it’s convinced that you’re virtually destined to make your dreams come true.

Mastering your visualization skills will take time, so be patient if you find it difficult picturing your future happiness. Keep practicing, however, as the rewards you’ll gain will certainly be beyond your wildest imaginations. Dream big and dream happily!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

How To Use Affirmations To Your Advantage

Today, there are so many hurdles and challenges in the world. People like you and me need constant pushes from ourselves, friends and families to keep going, fighting and succeeding.

Affirmations come in handy in situations like these. An affirmation is a solemn and positive declaration that you tell yourself to create a change in the way you feel and think.

Here are some of the most common affirmations:
“I am going to be who I chose to be.”
“I love and accept myself for who I am.”
“I am healthy in my body and spirit.”
“I become better in each day in every way.”

These affirmations can improve the way you perform and relate to other people by telling your sub-conscious that you can improve even more and achieve success.

Now, to enjoy the effects of affirmations in our lives, it is good to know the right way to do the affirmations. Here are some of the helpful guidelines:

1. Come Up with an Affirmation You Will UseYou can use the affirmations above or look for one that can work for your specific needs. You can even come up with your own affirmation. All you have to do is make it powerful and convincing when you say the message to yourself.

2. State It in the Present TenseAffirmations are most effective when said in the present since they imply an event or task in the present. The present convinces you more than the future tense that is still to take place. Also, use “now” and “today” to make your sentences commanding.

3. Always Be PositiveDon’t use “no” or “not” in your sentences since they indicate the things that you have to remove. Focus more on the things that you want. Remember, affirmations have to be positive to reinforce you to the thing that you want.

4. Make It Brief and SpecificAffirmations are words that you have to repeat to yourself everyday. Make sure that you keep it short to make it easier for you to say.

Shorter sentences also have stronger impact into your subconscious mind. It keeps the ideas straightforward to the message you want or need to do.

5. Repetition Is ImportantRepetition is a key in affirmation. It is a mantra that you will have to keep telling yourself so your subconscious is convinced that you want to change.

6. Give It More EmotionYou have to have more feeling when you ay your affirmations. This will not work to your best advantage if you said it mechanically. Be passionate as you say the words to yourself and take the meaning to your heart so you won’t forget.

7. Believe and Persist Belief in the affirmations is something you will have to develop in time. It may not come right away but believing in your affirmations is a must if you want to improve.

This is also the reason why you have to persist in doing the activity. Have faith in your efforts. You have the power in your hands so just keep doing it until you feel it in yourself.

Affirmations can work to your advantage and help you turn into a more improved and productive version of yourself.

Learn how to do things properly and you will surely benefit from the positive things affirmations can give to your mind, body and spirit.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

For the person who suffers from genital warts, the one thing that will be uppermost in their minds will, naturally enough, be how to get rid of genital warts. Although in some cases genital warts won’t be visible, in many cases the warts will be visible and unsightly.

Many people will do their utmost best to try and get rid of genital warts, even if this means taking a trip to their physician. This can be difficult for many people because of the shame which is associated with genital warts and STD’s in general.

Most people would rather suffer needlessly before admitting even to their doctor that they suffer from warts. They will go to all lengths to get rid of genital warts, but in secret.

This can in its own way be detrimental to the health of the person. For instance, the use of over the counter medications which are normally used to cure other types of warts will not help in any manner to get rid of genital warts.

In fact, sometimes it can make a bad situation worse. This is due to the acidic ingredients which are used in these medications. The genital area is a very sensitive area and these over the counter medications are all of them, too strong to be used effectively to get rid of genital warts.

There are of course other methods which can be used to get rid of genital warts, but the very first thing that you should do is to get a medical diagnosis about whether you have genital warts or not.

After that it’s merely a matter of deciding upon the treatment method which you should use to get rid of genital warts. You can discuss this over with your physician to come to a better understanding of what options are available to you.

For the most part you will need to make a decision between whether you want to use surgical methods to get rid of genital warts, or whether you want to use medications to get rid of genital warts.

Both of these are viable options to get rid of genital warts, but a lot will depend on, not only your preference in this matter, but also on your underlying health condition. For instance if you’re pregnant you will not be able to use most, if not all, of the prescription medications which are generally used to get rid of genital warts.

Things such as this will have to be taken into account when you are looking at the various options available to you to get rid of genital warts.

How to Beat Insomnia forever

It is so frustrating to have a sleepless night and need to be up early the next morning. Since I started writing regularly, I notice that I had difficulty finding the mood to sleep. This may be because my head cannot stop from generating ideas to write. I know that you have concerns as well when you force yourself to get up in the morning without much sleep. Here are some steps I learned on how to get best kind of sleep.

Keep regular hours. Train your body by going to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning – even on weekends.

Have a sleep ritual. Doing the same things every night just before bed prompts your body to settle down for the night. Try reading something light or listening to soothing music.

Don’t take your worries at bed. If you have a nagging problem that won’t go away, it helps if you write about it on a piece of paper and promise to take care of it in the morning.

Don’t smoke. Smokers take longer to fall asleep, wake up more often and experience disrupted, fragmented sleep. Cigarettes have stimulant like nicotine that wake up the body.

Cut down stimulants. As we all know consuming caffeine in the evening interferes with falling asleep and prevents deep sleep. Try drinking your last coffee 5 hours before your bedtime.

Drink alcohol in moderation. Alcohol consumption influences sleep. However, too much it can induce sleep disorders by disrupting the sequence and duration of sleep states and by altering total sleep time as well as the time required to fall asleep.

Create a restful sleep environment. Create a better sleep environment that will provide you with the best chances of a full night's sleep. Make sure o your mattress, lights, sounds or noise, temperature and even the scent in your bedroom are comfortable because a conducive bedroom can promote a good night sleep.

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help to relieve the day’s tension. It promotes improved sleep quality by allowing smoother and more regular transition between the cycles and phases of sleep. However, do not exercise too close to bedtime or you may have a hard time falling asleep.

Have a good eating habit. When we are tired, we need sleep. However, many of us respond to sleepiness with food instead of rest. Snacking may release glucose into the bloodstream making your body feel energized instead of sleepy and upset your sleeping cycles. Allow at least three hours of rest after eating before you sleep.

Make sleep a priority. Make a list of your daily activities and include adequate sleep in it, so you can prioritize. If you feel bright and alive, you will be more consistent in your commitments. The quality of hours you spend asleep affects the quality of hours you spend awake, so rest is an investment.

You owe it to your body to sleep well. However if you still have difficulty sleeping, it is essential to determine whether an underlying disease or condition is causing the problem. So, good luck and good night.

Listen to Dr. Mercola to learn more about insomnia and Why it is important to go to bed early:

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DETOX DIET: Cleanse Your Body

Everyday each one of us is exposed to all kinds of toxins and harmful substances that could be aggravating to our health.

Toxins are in the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe – practically everywhere. Toxins can include perfume, cigarette smoke, pesticides, alcohol, mercury, oral contraceptives, food additives, and cleaning supplies.

So if these toxins are everywhere around us, how do we get rid of them and keep ourselves healthy?

The answer apparently lies in a detox diet.

What is detox?

You can rest assured that when someone says anything toxic is bad for you, it is true. The word detoxification, or simply detox, refers to the natural, ongoing process of neutralizing and eliminating potentially harmful compounds, called toxins, from the body.

By adopting a detox diet of natural foods, veggies, and lots of water, you can help your body cleanse itself of toxins, which are the number one cause of diseases and illnesses.

Now, you might have heard of experts saying that your body does not need any help detoxifying itself. After all, the body comes complete with all the essential faculties to perform that function. But while this is true, it is also true that we ingest an enormous number of chemicals daily through, food, water, and the environment.

These chemicals can accumulate in our bodily organs, preventing them from functioning properly and leaving us vulnerable to sickness. The toxic burden or the buildup can overwhelm the natural capacity of the body to detoxify and may lead to hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and inefficient metabolism.

At first, the signs are not easily noticeable. It could be something as subtle as fatigue or poor skin, which you may attribute to too much coffee but too little sleep. Over time, there may be pain and then diseases set in.

Cleanse Your Body the Natural Way

The ultimate goal of detox diet is to promote the excretion of stored toxins through the organs of elimination: the skin, intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys, and the lymphatic system.
As a type of diet, it calls for a change in consumption habits in an effort to detoxify the body by removing toxins and other contaminants. In so doing, you improve your health, energy, resistance to disease, mental state, and digestion on top of aiding you in weight loss.

There are several methods used to modify the diet for the purpose of detoxification. These methods include:

• Fasting – includes water fasting and juice fasting

• Increased consumption of fish such as salmon

• Combining foods

• Restricting calorie intake

• Herbal detox

In any of these methods, the emphasis is on fruits and vegetables which ought to compose a majority of your food intake. On top of that, you are also usually limited to unprocessed and non-GM (Genetically Modified) foods.

Fruits and vegetables are known to contain high amounts of antioxidants, which are substances found only in plants and can help fight against disease-causing free radicals. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the vitamins A, C, and E are actually forms of antioxidants that are vital for health.

For years now, scientists have touted antioxidants as the answer to all sorts of diseases, even aging. From preventing heart disease to slowing down degenerative diseases, to stopping cancer, to reducing blood pressure – you name it and everything points right back to antioxidants.

The human body is incapable of producing its own concentration of antioxidants. For this reason, we depend solely on our diet in order to get the store of antioxidants we need to combat diseases. Antioxidants protect the body from harmful, excess free radicals, sweeping them up before they can cause damage.

The best way to lay an antioxidant-rich foundation that’s inhospitable to toxins and free radicals is through a combination of whole foods. With antioxidant supplements still far from the high expectations of the scientific community, you can in the meantime turn to the more reliable source of these helpful compounds, which are antioxidant foods. A detox diet is a way for you to cleanse your body of toxins by consuming lots of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

Before You Start

Before you decide to go on a detox diet, it is important that you consult your nutritionist or dietician first. He or she can advise you on what methods of detox best suit you.

Moreover, it could be that the symptoms you believe to be a result of toxins in your body, such as fatigue or sleepiness, could be signs of a more serious underlying illness.

A detox diet will not be able to cure any illness or disease you might be suffering and may even serve to aggravate your condition because of the nutrition change that is likely to result from the diet.

The Detox Diet Plan

After consulting your doctor or nutritionist and getting his or her advice on what detox diet method to take, it is time for you to get really started. But first, a little background information and some precautions won’t hurt.

That said, here is a list of foods that are allowed while on a detox diet:

• Fresh Fruits

Emphasis should be on fresh. Avoid processed fruits, even fruit juices, as these may also contain chemicals and other artificial substances.

There is virtually no limit to the fresh fruits you can enjoy. The only exception is grapefruit which contains a compound, called naringin, that can significantly inhibit liver detox enzymes. Instead, eat a lot of berries, such as strawberries and cranberry, as these contain high amounts of antioxidants.

• Fresh Vegetables

Again, make sure that these are fresh and, as much as possible, non-GM. All fresh vegetables are to be enjoyed, except for corn which can be an allergenic food. Broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli sprouts, onions, garlic, artichokes, beets, red and green vegetables are good detox foods.

• Rice

Most people have no problem digesting rice. Select brown or basmati rice. You may also indulge in the occasional rice cakes, rice crackers, and rice pasta.

• Other Grains

If you are concerned about the high carbohydrate content of rice, you may try other grains. Quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat are good substitutes. You can find them at any health food store.

• Beans

Beans are highly recommended. In a recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), more than 100 foods were measured for antioxidant levels and found that beans occupy the top spot in the vegetable category.

Try split yellow and green peas and lentils, which are easy to digest and require less soaking time. You may also try kidney beans, pinto beans, mung beans, garbanzo beans (otherwise known as chickpeas) and adzuki beans.

• Nuts and Seeds

Sprinkle nuts, seeds, and nut butters over meals for added flavor. Make sure, however, that the nuts are fresh and unsalted. Your choices include flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. Peanuts should be avoided.

• Fish

There has been criticism to the consumption of fish in a detox diet since, according to experts, fish meat contains several substances that may be considered as toxic. However, fish also contains several minerals and nutrients that are good for the liver, the primary detoxifying organ of the body. Therefore, it is not so much as avoiding fish altogether but enjoying it moderation.

• Oil

Recommended: extra virgin olive oil.

• Condiments

This includes vegetable salt, sea salt, vinegar, naturally fermented soy sauce or tamari. Also culinary herbs or spices and limited amounts of honey.

• Herbal Tea

Non-caffeinated herbal teas. Green tea, although it contains caffeine, is allowed. Black tea, oolong, and red tea are discouraged.

• Other Beverages

Water, lemon water, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices, rice milk.

In addition to choosing from the above food list, it is also important that you observe the following detox practices:

• Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

• Dilute fruit juices with water.

• You should enjoy each meal. Don’t eat too fast. Take your time chewing the food thoroughly.

As for foods to avoid, take note of the following:

• Sugar

Avoid artificial sweeteners and refined sugars, including mixtures containing any of either – sucrose, dextrose, corn syrup, brown sugar, and turbinado.

• Dairy Products

This includes milk, eggs, butter, and cheese.

• Wheat

Wheat and products containing wheat.

• Gluten

A type of protein found in a few grains, including barley, oats, rye, spelt, and kamut. Some people are sensitive to gluten. If you are one of these people, then avoid gluten and all gluten-containing foods.

• Corn

Corn and all corn products.

• Caffeine

Avoid beverages that contain caffeine, including coffee and black tea. For coffee, both regular and decaffeinated are highly discouraged. Green tea, however, is allowed and should be enjoyed as an alternative to coffee.

• Other Foods to Avoid

Includes yeast, alcohol, food additives and preservatives, chocolate, and high fat foods.

A detox diet is a lifetime diet. It is unlike other diets where the whole regimen lasts only for a few weeks. You are constantly exposed to all kinds of toxins as you carry about your daily routine. In order to keep yourself healthy and protect yourself against the harmful effects of toxins, you have to maintain a diet that is not only free of toxins but can also help you get rid of those toxins that you inevitably take in.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Vaginal Pain

It’s a little known fact but most women, at least 75% will experience a yeast infection at least once in their lifetimes, and most will experience recurrent yeast infections. If you suffer from a yeast infection then you know that vaginal pain can be one of the symptoms.

Other symptoms besides vaginal pain include vaginal itching, a burning sensation, a rash, soreness of the vagina, redness around the affected area, and sometimes even a slight swelling in or around the vagina.

These are all common symptoms of yeast infections, and you might experience some of them, all of them, or none of them. This depends to a great extent on your present overall health, your susceptibility towards the yeast infection and the severity of the yeast infection.

Vaginal pain can also herald pain when urinating and pain during sexual intercourse. If your vaginal pain is severe in either of these cases, you should consult with your doctor immediately to see what relief might be available to you.

You should be aware also that some people have adverse reactions to medications like Monistat which are used to treat yeast infections. A lot of people have no reactions but it has been reported that some people might experience vaginal pain or a burning sensation.

In fact continued use of these drugs if you experience such a reaction can make your vaginal pain worse. As an alternative you have the choice of using herbal remedies to treat your vaginal pain but you should do so only if you’re certain you want to, and if you’re not taking any other medications.

If you are taking other medication for either a yeast infection or other medical conditions you should ideally check with your physician to ascertain whether your remedies will react with each other.

In most cases the remedies are harmless and are the product of common sense, but it always pays to be cautious. For instance remedies utilizing such things as yogurt or garlic are fairly harmless unless you’re allergic to any of these.

You can include these in your daily diet to help get rid of vaginal pain, but if you’re seeking immediate relief you can smear your vagina with unsweetened yogurt to dull the vaginal pain.

Or you also have the option of using a peeled garlic clove wrapped in gauze and tied with a length of unwaxed dental floss. You then insert this into your vagina like a tampon with a piece of the dental floss dangling to be able to pull out the gauze.

And if these don’t work you could always try using a vinegar douche to rid you of your vaginal pain. Douching isn’t normally recommended, but in the case if yeast infections, it can be beneficial if used properly.

You’ll want to use 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 1 quart of water for the vinegar douche. These are all viable methods for dealing with vaginal pain, and yeast infections.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rocky Balboa Movie Review


today I received this review by Matt:

Yesterday afternoon I went to see Rocky Balboa with
my wife and son. It is the sixth movie in the Rocky series,
and apparently, the last.

I took my son so he could see the training scenes as well
as the fight. Although he's only six, he's already showing
great interest in sports and physical training - and this is
not due to me pushing him or shoving the idea down his

For example, I rarely watch professional football, baseball or
basketball anymore. A lot of times the Super Bowl and World
Series don't even interest me. I wasn't this way when I was
a youngin - but I am now.

Yet, despite the lack of interest in most sports today, my son
is a fanatic. He watches football every Sunday - knows every
team - even called me when I was in China - at 5:30 a.m. - to
let me know that the Colts lost yet again.

We were recently given tickets to see the Bucs play in their final
game this year, and the boy is ecstatic.

Anyway, I figured Rocky Balboa would be a great movie for Frank;
especially in terms of motivation; of not giving up when life whacks

10 minutes into the movie, however, Frank is asking, "Daddy, when are
they going to fight?"

Five minutes later he is lying sideways in his chair ... sleeping. Don't blame

He did, however wake up before the training began, and the boxing match - and
he got very excited. I did, too, in spite of the fact that Rocky's training regime, for
the most part, was absolutely the worst imaginable fitness program for a 60-year
old former champion to follow.

The uphill sprints were great. So were the sprints up stairs. Punching the heavy bag
was spot on - and slugging the frozen cattle carcass was perfect.

Other than that, though, with the exception of some pushups - most of the training
involved Rocky doing heavy barbell squats, heavy bench presses, power cleans,
the clean and jerk, and so on. It was riveting. It was exciting to watch. But it is the
wrong way to train for boxing. It most assuredly is the wrong way to train for a
man in his 50's and 60's.

Stallone gets away with it, it appears, yet the varicose veins in his shoulder and pecs,
a rare sight on any man, and certainly something you never see on a man who trains
with his own bodyweight, make me wonder what price he is paying in pain to appear

I admire the fact that Stallone has kept himself lean and mean - but I also know the
influence on training behavior a movie like this can have, and in my opinion, it's
sending the wrong message.

In a couple shots Rocky was using a kettlebell, and I thought that was pretty cool even
though I'm not a big fan of them. They're definitely a better choice than heavy barbells.

What was funny to me was how Rocky's trainer told him that he couldn't spar because
of all the calcium deposits and arthritis in his joints, he couldn't do road work because
he had bad knees - then you see Rocky running and lifting heavy weights. Since when
does someone with calcium deposits and arthritis train with heavy barbells?


In spite of the above, overall I liked the movie and give it a thumbs up. So does my
wife. The fight scene at the end was awesome - kept my pupils enlarged the whole

Even though Frank snoozed through part of it, he liked it too. Evenso, I think he's much
more into Star Wars, Sponge Bob and Eragon.

Very Good Matt!

Here is the Movie Trailer:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yeast Infection Cure

For a yeast infection cure you have no further to look than your physician, your pharmacy, or your fridge. All three of these sources can hold just what you need for a great yeast infection cure.

If we take our sources one by one, your physician has the ability to give you prescription medications which can potentially a yeast infection cure for you. For instance, the prescription drug Diflucan uses only one dosage and is supposed to be a particularly effective yeast infection cure.

Other prescription yeast infection cures include Terazol and Gynazole, both of which are vaginal creams, and also Mycostatin which comes in the form of vaginal tablets or vaginal suppositories.

All of these have side effects which you should be aware of when taking them, as do the next set of potential yeast infection cure, the over-the-counter variety.

Up until the very early part of the twenty first century it is shameful to admit but there were no over the counter remedies available as a yeast infection cure. On the contrary, if a woman had a yeast infection she had to visit her doctor to get proper medical attention and to receive a yeast infection cure.

So although the offerings in this department are still woefully meager, they are nonetheless there and available to anyone who doesn’t wish to advertise to the world, or their doctor, that they have a yeast infection.

Although it is best if you get a proper checkup for your yeast infection it can’t be denied that with the availability of these creams a new world has opened up, and women can now treat such a simple problem without any attendant fuss or hoopla.

All the available over-the-counter yeast infection cures work along the same principles as the prescription yeast infection cure, and most of them come in cream form, or suppository form. The more familiar brands include Monistat, Femstat, and Vagistat.

Moving on next to the natural cures and remedies section, you will find that the number of alternative yeast infection cure methods are too numerous to do more than give an honorable mention here.

To that end only a few of the well known natural yeast infection cure methods have been mentioned. To begin with we’ll start off with everyone’s favorite the yogurt yeast infection cure. It can be messy in the extreme to have to apply yogurt to the vagina, but it turns out that it is well worth the effort.

Another natural yeast infection cure that is well known and used is that of the garlic cure. Being one of the wonder herbs of the world, garlic is good for many an ailment and is a particularly effective yeast infection cure, especially when used as a suppository.

Next up you have apple cider vinegar, cranberries, oregano, cinnamon, curd, Tea Tree oil, lemon, lime, and Vitamin C. All of these can be used as an effective yeast infection cure and all of them work.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Take It from Albert Einstein: 5 Ways to Harness Your Creative Mind

From Albert Einstein are these Wellness or Fitness Tips: 5 Ways to Harness Your Creative Mind!

Believe it or not, it is easy to be a genius even if you think you are not born one!

Harness your own creative mind to be able to manage your own future.

The following are five strategies to be able to think in a productive manner. These will result to creative solutions.

Take note that these mentioned strategies are used by the same geniuses in the various fields such as art, science, etc.

Look at new ways to solve problems
The great artist, Leonardo da Vinci has always believed that in order to acquire knowledge on a particular problem, you should restructure that problem in various ways.

In doing so, new and unique perspectives can be discovered. He also admitted that the first time he sees a problem he normally has his own biases. It is by looking at it from different points of view that the problem is then restated and a solution can be discovered.

Visualize, visualize, visualize
Einstein has always used diagrams in order to restate the problem and look at it in various ways.

He then proceeds to visualize the solutions. He maintains the thought that numbers and words are irrelevant in the process of thinking.

Productivity is the key
It has been said that one is considered a genius if he can produce many things. This has been proven by Edison who was able to come up with more than a thousand patents.

He became productive by setting a quota of ideas for his assistants, as well as, for himself.

According to Dean Keith from UC Davis, respected scientists in history were able to produce many great works, as well as, a lot of bad ones.

They do not fear failure. They are not ashamed of mediocre works for in their minds, these are needed in order for their discoveries to evolve to excellence.

Combine, recombine, mix, remixTry to make unique combinations. As much as possible, recombine, combine images and ideas into various forms and mixes even if these appear unusual at first.

Believe it or not, the heredity law was actually formulated by a monk in Austria called Gregor Mendel who was able to combine a multi- disciplinary approach to create a new kind of science.

Make and form connections and relationships
Observe how da Vinci was able to formulate the idea that sounds actually travel in waves. He was able to come up with this theory by observing the ripples when a stone hits water.

The Morse Code was formulated by a man named Samuel Morse after watching the station relays of horses, after which he thought of telegraphic signals and relay stations.

All in all, it does not take too much to be able to think like a genius. One just needs an open mind and the ability to accept ambiguity. It is important to be accepting and open to new chances or opportunities. Also, analyze the problem and try not to ask yourself why you have failed. Instead, restate the problem and work from there.

Who knows, this could lead to a better, if not the best alternative, solution to a problem.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Slippery Sleep: How to Cure Extreme Insomnia

Did you know that one out of eight people suffer from insomnia or the inability to sleep?

Sleep – along with air, water, food, love, and sex – is a necessity to man. Yet despite this, some people stay wide-awake with the owls way beyond midnight.

Scientists say it is caused by stress, depression, anxiety, medication side effects, or simply a person's poor habits. Whatever it may be, insomnia can be frustrating. The feeling of frustration adds to the stress that one feels and can consequently make it worse.

If you find that sleep eludes you no matter how hard you try; here are some interesting ways to combat wakefulness:

1) Bore Yourself
Watch boring DVDs: The film selection is subjective, but many people have found their much needed ZZZs after watching the likes of Battlefield Earth, The Hours, Eyes Wide Shut, and Finding Forrester. You can disagree to this lineup, of course.

Get your old statistics books and relive the lullaby lectures. However, if you happen to come from Dilton Doiley's peer group and this activity excites you, try watching The Hours again.

Call your most boring friend and let him or her do the work. Politely say goodbye (and 'thank you'!) minutes before you actually doze off; or else, you might lose your most boring friend to call next time.

Practice your penmanship. Write your name repeatedly until you get tired.

2) Relax!
Drink a glass of warm milk or herbal tea.

Wiggle your toes. Reflexology says that your feet similar to a control panel for the rest of your body. Channels of energy end up in the feet and every part of the body is connected with these stinky friends. When you wiggle your toes, you stimulate your body, as it allows energy to flow freely and smoothly. So, wiggle your worries away!

Rub your tummy. This soothes the digestive system, relaxing your body eventually. Sleep facing downward and with your hand on your abs (or flabs). Start with small circles.

3) Position It Right
Sleep with your head facing north. This aligns your body with the magnetic forces of the Earth, which brings your energies into harmony. This sounds odd, but there's no harm in trying.

4) Get the Right Mindset
Count the sheep. From Ernie and Bert to your great grandmother, this has been the classic remedy to falling asleep. However, counting sheep jumping neatly over a fence doesn’t really work for most people. The reason: jumping sheep is exercising sheep and exercise does not exactly induce sleep. Therefore, why not count SLEEPING sheep?

5) Think It's Time to Wake Up
This may sound silly! But, who knows? Reverse psychology just might work!

There are countless and equally weird ways to get your self to doze off. It's just a matter of trial and error and creativity. Find your personal style. Find a sleep buddy to help you.

Of course, nothing beats the idea of having peace of mind. A calm mind and a happy heart are the keys to good and healthy sleep. So, let go of your worries and forgive your enemies. Indeed, having peace of mind can send you easily to dreamland.