Saturday, May 12, 2007

South Beach Diet Membership

The purpose of the South Beach Diet is to help people lose weight in a healthy manner.

Pros: America as a whole is getting heavier and heavier. There is a myth that says fat people are happy….”fat and jolly”, “fat and happy”, etc. I’m not saying that those who are overweight are not happy at all but I am saying that they are not happy about being overweight or just plain FAT. Most people who are overweight have tried most every diet plan under the sun at one time or another and they haven’t found one yet that actually worked.

The South Beach Diet Membership is a way that those who are overweight can get the expert dieting advice that they need as well as a dieting plan that they can live with for the long term. There are no foods that are just off limits forever and ever. The diet is a well balanced eating plan that includes foods from all of the food groups so dieters are better able to stay satisfied and better able to stick to the plan to achieve the results that they desire.

Cons: The South Beach Diet does not really provide a balanced diet. Adhering to it for the long term will be difficult.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered for the South Beach Diet Membership and none would apply.

Value for money: The South Beach Diet Membership is an excellent value.

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