Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bob Greenes Best Life Diet

The purpose of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is to help people lose weight as well as to get into good physical condition overall.

Pros: Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet plan is much more than just another diet plan. Included with the diet are cardio workouts and strength training instructions. Oprah Winfrey, speaking about Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet said, “Every unwanted pound creates another layer of lies. It’s only when you peel back those layers that you will be set free: Free to work out, free to eat responsibly, free to live the life you want and deserve to live. Tell the truth and you’ll learn to eat to satisfy your physical hunger and stop burying your hopes and dreams beneath layers of fat”

Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet is actually a life plan rather than a diet and it is a life plan that is full of the promise of a good, healthy and long life if the plan is adopted and adhered to.

Cons: No diet should ever be undertaken without a doctor's consent. All weight problems are not caused by overeating.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee of success and none would apply.

Value for money: Since the total price could not be determined, the value of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet cannot be determined.

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