Friday, April 06, 2007

Boxing Memorabilia

Are you fond of keepsakes that you tirelessly collect them every after activity that you deemed ahs a special meaning for you. These mementos could be anything that can catch your fancy and you’re sure that will always bring back those old good memories. Whether they bring a tear or smile souvenirs are always worth keeping.

Boxing fans and aficionados are not to be outdone when it comes to collecting what-have-yous because they too must have already accumulated plenteous boxing memorabilia. Fanatics of the sport of boxing and die-hard followers of some of the finest boxers to ever grace the boxing rings and shared the spotlight with countless others, have undeniably collected boxing memorabilia. Even the tiniest torn ticket or the old worn out shirt are surely kept as part of their boxing memorabilia.

Champion boxers too have their own share of keeping boxing memorabilia. From the moment they had their first fight up to the very end that they finally hung their boxing gloves and put aside their boxing boots, boxing memorabilia will always be part of their career in boxing. These are little reminders of the both pleasant and not so pleasant memories of their life as boxer. Whatever it is they are priceless gifts from their experience that no other person can give.

You can just imagine how many mementos the Great Muhammad Ali must have kept in all the years he had spent in boxing. Perhaps all those things must be worth something these days because they can already be considered as vintage items that will make them all the more priceless staple for the boxing enthusiasts. As they say the older the better and the higher the price will be.

Perhaps other boxers of the younger generation like the Golden Boy of boxing, Oscar De la Hoya must have has his own collection of souvenirs items that must have dated back from his amateur years. Now that he is back in the limelight of the boxing world he definitely would have something new to add his ever growing collection.

With the growing commercialization of boxing, there are now available boxing mementos that are sold online. Sports Memorabilia, an online store is selling hot items like boxing gloves that bear the signature of well-known champion boxer. Other items include photos, posters, mugs, and shirts.

Fans can actually purchase a glove that has the signature of Joe “the smokin” Frazier or a close-up photograph of Muhammad Ali with his autograph. These boxing stuffs cost from $350 - $1,000 or even higher. Of course there are more affordable items from the less prominent names.
If you have your own collection of vintage souvenir items chances are you are keeping the things that must have already cost like a fortune.

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