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Endurance Mountain Biking: Things to Know

Endurance Mountain Biking: Things to Know...
Apart from it being an option of outdoor fun and relaxation, mountain biking is a sport more and more people are turning to. In fact, many of its enthusiasts are practically from all walks of life; the young and old, men and women alike. There are actually a lot of activities and competitions that involve mountain biking and that involve endurance mountain biking.

Endurance mountain biking is a kind of competition that entails stamina and endurance as this kind of mountain biking competition takes to almost twelve hours, depending on certain categories that apply. Furthermore, because endurance mountain climbing needs a lot of energy, this is just intended for those professional mountain bikers and the likes. So how does endurance mountain biking go?

Basically, there are three known categories for an endurance mountain biking; the 12-hour race, the 6-hour race, and the 3-hour race. The 12-hour events can be of solo male, solo female, the solo singlespeed (one man or woman rider), duo (two riders either man or woman), woman team (all women, two-four riders), and an open team (a combination of both men and women, two-four riders). A solo man, a solo woman, or a duo can only join the 6-hour events while the 3-hour events are strictly for solo man and solo woman.

For the endurance mountain biking, the bikers are required to register to the proper organizers, along with some physical exams for some. More over, they are expected to provide themselves with the necessary standard equipments, i.e. helmets, gloves, and kneecaps. Proper mountain biking attire is also required in an endurance mountain biking competition, which includes a fully enclosed pair of shoes and the prescribed t-shirt. Safety is very essential with this kind of race that’s why the biker should be responsible in keeping their bikes in perfect condition including the tires, the brakes, and the handlebars. Kickstands as well as reflectors are strictly prohibited from the competition, as well as adjusted hubs, headsets, sound frames, and true wheels. Likewise, bikers are not allowed to bring personal sound devices like a Walkman and headphones.

If you need to learn more about endurance mountain biking, your local mountain biking organization and clubs are available to answer to your inquiries. There are actually a lot of things to learn about endurance mountain biking, starting from its basic rules, to its public access, schedules, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, visit Internet sites of mountain biking organizations. Who knows, you might one day be encouraged to join an endurance mountain biking team.

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