Monday, April 23, 2007

Effects of Laser Hair Removal on the Skin

We have always heard about laser hair removal treatment as an effective method in removing unwanted hair. The benefits of this hair removal procedure have been widely spread. And many people have been curious about it - and may have thought of trying it, to remove their unwanted hair found in specific parts of their body.
Learning the effects of laser hair removal on the skin is also as important as knowing the benefits of the laser hair removal process. It is necessary to find out the effects of laser hair removal on the skin before undergoing any laser hair removal procedures.
One of the effects of laser hair removal on the skin is the hyper-pigmentation. The increase of pigment deposits results in the darkening of the skin. Tanned or dark skin is usually more prone to develop hyper-pigmentation. However, this effect is just temporary and this can be immediately treated with bleaching agents.
Opposite to hyper-pigmentation, the lightening of the skin or hypo pigmentation is another result of laser hair removal on the skin. This is most common in darker skin type because of higher exposures to laser treatment. Occurrence of hypo-pigmentation is also temporary.
Continuous laser exposure would also result in the reddening of the skin wherein its duration depends on the degree and depth of the dermal wound. This complication has been reduced because of effective cooling devices and use of proper exposure time during the procedure.
Effects of laser hair removal on the skin include blistering. This is also caused by higher exposure of laser in a darker skin type. To protect and avoid blistering, tissue cooling should be done through a contact chill tip. This usual effect has already been controlled with new and efficient cooling devices that are now widely available.
A repeated over treatment with laser hair removal would result to crusting of the skin. The use of alexandrite and long-pulsed ruby lasers commonly result to this. Yet, laser hair removal is normally a safe procedure in taking out unwanted hair. It is important though that a person must be aware of the effects of this treatment on our skin - and especially on our health. These effects of laser hair removal on the skin are rare.
Having proper information and knowledge on these effects before undergoing treatment will greatly help in knowing the risks involved – and possibly reducing them. Patients must choose a well-versed physician who will use a laser machine that is best for their case - and will guide them every step of the way.

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