Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Visualization as a Key to Happiness

Visualization is an essential tool used by millions of successful businessmen and professionals all over the world to help them achieve their goals. Visualization however cannot only bring success to your business but happiness to your life, as well.

Learn How to Visualize Your Happiness
Using visualization to help you gain happiness is a gradual process, so don’t expect to learn it overnight. Be patient and don’t skip to the next step if you haven’t mastered the previous one.

What is Happiness to You?
Ask yourself this question first and be honest with your answer. What is happiness to you? Material and external happiness is easy to achieve once you’ve developed a plan, but you might realize later on these things don’t make you truly happy.

Happiness comes from within. Genuine happiness is born from intrinsic goals, and it’s important that you determine those first before trying to visualize your future happiness.

What is the Perfect Symbol or Image for Your Happiness?
Now that you know what your goals are, it’s time to choose the best image or symbol to reflect these goals.

What – What are those goals? What type of event, situation, or scene would best reflect those goals?

Who – Determine the persons integral to the completion of your goals; if these people aren’t present, your goals wouldn’t mean as much to you.

Where – It doesn’t have to be any place exotic or extravagant, but something that will mean a lot to you and tell you in an instant that your dreams have come true.

When – Your goals must be time-bound. Ask yourself for the ideal time to complete your goals.

Once you’ve determined all those key elements, the next thing to do is to put all those elements together into one image or symbol. Make this as detailed as possible until it resembles a vivid Technicolor scene. Commit the scene to memory. Memorize each and every pixel until you can call the image to mind with effortless ease.

Determining the How
Visualizing your happiness is like going on a race. The previous step required you to imagine what it would look like to get to the finish line. This time, you need to determine what you’ll do DURING the race in order to get to the finish line. Don’t let present limitations confine your imagination. Determine what you have to do to accomplish your goals and commit them to memory as well.

It’s Time for Self-Affirmations
You now have all the required elements for this visualization exercise to work. The last thing to do is making yourself believe that it can and will happen for you.

Every time you wake up and before you go to sleep, visualize the perfect scene reflecting your goals. Then tell yourself with utmost confidence that you have all what it takes to do it. You can face yourself in the mirror if it helps.

When you do this regularly, your brain will get used to what it’s hearing from you until it’s convinced that you’re virtually destined to make your dreams come true.

Mastering your visualization skills will take time, so be patient if you find it difficult picturing your future happiness. Keep practicing, however, as the rewards you’ll gain will certainly be beyond your wildest imaginations. Dream big and dream happily!

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