Thursday, February 08, 2007

Take It from Albert Einstein: 5 Ways to Harness Your Creative Mind

From Albert Einstein are these Wellness or Fitness Tips: 5 Ways to Harness Your Creative Mind!

Believe it or not, it is easy to be a genius even if you think you are not born one!

Harness your own creative mind to be able to manage your own future.

The following are five strategies to be able to think in a productive manner. These will result to creative solutions.

Take note that these mentioned strategies are used by the same geniuses in the various fields such as art, science, etc.

Look at new ways to solve problems
The great artist, Leonardo da Vinci has always believed that in order to acquire knowledge on a particular problem, you should restructure that problem in various ways.

In doing so, new and unique perspectives can be discovered. He also admitted that the first time he sees a problem he normally has his own biases. It is by looking at it from different points of view that the problem is then restated and a solution can be discovered.

Visualize, visualize, visualize
Einstein has always used diagrams in order to restate the problem and look at it in various ways.

He then proceeds to visualize the solutions. He maintains the thought that numbers and words are irrelevant in the process of thinking.

Productivity is the key
It has been said that one is considered a genius if he can produce many things. This has been proven by Edison who was able to come up with more than a thousand patents.

He became productive by setting a quota of ideas for his assistants, as well as, for himself.

According to Dean Keith from UC Davis, respected scientists in history were able to produce many great works, as well as, a lot of bad ones.

They do not fear failure. They are not ashamed of mediocre works for in their minds, these are needed in order for their discoveries to evolve to excellence.

Combine, recombine, mix, remixTry to make unique combinations. As much as possible, recombine, combine images and ideas into various forms and mixes even if these appear unusual at first.

Believe it or not, the heredity law was actually formulated by a monk in Austria called Gregor Mendel who was able to combine a multi- disciplinary approach to create a new kind of science.

Make and form connections and relationships
Observe how da Vinci was able to formulate the idea that sounds actually travel in waves. He was able to come up with this theory by observing the ripples when a stone hits water.

The Morse Code was formulated by a man named Samuel Morse after watching the station relays of horses, after which he thought of telegraphic signals and relay stations.

All in all, it does not take too much to be able to think like a genius. One just needs an open mind and the ability to accept ambiguity. It is important to be accepting and open to new chances or opportunities. Also, analyze the problem and try not to ask yourself why you have failed. Instead, restate the problem and work from there.

Who knows, this could lead to a better, if not the best alternative, solution to a problem.

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