Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kids Eyeglasses

Price: Most are $39.00; those with bendable titanium Frames are $79.00.

Consumer: Kids who wear corrective lenses

The purpose of the Kids Eyeglasses is to provide eyeglasses for children at a reasonable cost.

Pros: Kids are not just short adults. Kids are, well, kids. They don’t see or react to the world in the same way that adults do. Most kids are in perpetual motion. If they are sitting still, they’re probably sick. We wouldn’t dream of buying clothing or shoes for our kids that couldn’t take whatever the kids can dish out. So why would we buy eyewear that wasn’t just as tough as the clothing and shoes that we buy?

There are a lot of choices (about 10) for frames for the Kids Eyeglasses at 39 Dollar Glasses. The prices just can’t be beat. Kids grow, but kids also lose glasses and break glasses. It’s best not to have too many dollars invested. All of the Kids Eyeglasses at 39 Dollar Glasses are light and thin prescription lenses with UV and scratch coatings, and they have polished edges. It’s a great deal!

Cons: Guarantees of satisfaction are important to me particularly when I am making an online purchase based on a picture of an item. 39 Dollar Glasses does not offer any such guarantee of satisfaction and, in my opinion, that is a con.

Guarantee: 39 Dollar Glasses guarantees that prescriptions will be filled accurately, but there is no guarantee of satisfaction offered other than that on the website.

Value for money: The Kids Eyeglasses are all good products at a reasonable cost. That makes them a good value.

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